First Meeting with Abdy Electriciteh

A few weeks ago I drove to Berkeley with our daughter to meet Abdy Electriciteh for the first time. I was introduced to his work through Valeria Tignini and was intrigued. Who was this man, and more importantly what would it be like to meet him? Prior to our experience, I viewed videos of both Valeria and Abdy's group gatherings so I had an idea of what to what may occur. I was open and neutral in my expectations as I did not want to put any demands on my personal experience. Our daughter knew very little of what would transpire yet remained open to the moment.

When we arrived the room was already filling with others who, like us, had come to receive a transmission of Source Energy. We found a space near the front end and laid out our yoga mats and blankets. It wasn't long before Abdy was introduced and a beautiful woman began playing relaxing flute music.

I was a little hesitant and weary of receiving energy while in such a large
group but decided to relax and let whatever needed to transpire occur. I am very sensitive to energy and my body is very responsive, but I decided I would let it move as needed and not hold back. I figured everyone else would be having their own experience and not many would be watching others process the transmission.

All participants were asked to stand when it was their turn. Abdy began in the center of the crowd and worked his way back, then over towards us. From what I could tell, he is definitely guided in the process and each transmission is different. He hugs some and touches other in various parts of the body; hand, armpit, forehead, neck, etc. During a transmission, a volunteer stands behind the participant as Abdy works with from the front. Upon connection, the majority of participants will go into an altered state and may collapse in a way that resembles fainting. The volunteer gently guides them to the ground.

As he approached us, he greeted our daughter first. (All activities are done in silence.) He touched her forehead and her eyes immediately closed and she collapsed. He then walked to me and reached out for my hand. As I held my hand to him, he touched my palm chakra and I was out. The energy was very rich and concentrated. I immediately felt it rush up my arm and into my crown chakra and mind. I was led to the ground where I lied on my yoga mat. 

I felt paralyzed and had I tried to move, I wouldn't have been able to. What happened next was a series of energetic shifts. To the best of my remembrance, I recall feeling heavy in my body as the energy rushed through and a lightness in my mind. The energy buzzed within my system and I if I could select a word to sum it up, I would say I felt stoned. I was in an immediately altered state of consciousness. My eyes were heavy and my crown chakra hummed. The energy traveled down through my body and soon after chill-like tremors ensued. At that point, I felt cold and tried to move the blanket over my feet. I could barely move, thankfully a kind woman took notice and assisted me. 

My body relaxed deeper. At one point it felt like there was a heavy band of energy around my ankles, locking me in place. The energy was warm and sweet and I noticed as my entire being began vibrating. I lost track of time as the waves of energetic adjustments occurred. After the first wave, I noticed as my arms were lifted by the fullness of the energy in my aura and they began floating in the air, they raised and met above my head while the energy worked its magic. I could feel they were being pulled by an unseen force, it felt wonderful as I experienced a very deep stretch. My eyes were closed, but I knew that someone was near and channeling energy near me. 

The richness of the energy wore off and I opened my eyes a few times. Soon after, I felt a strong energetic pressure at my heart chakra, followed by a physical pressure. I was touched at the heart center and the side of my abdomen, the energy was palpable and stayed with me for a number of minutes. In and out of the deepest state of altered consciousness, I was aware, yet found it very difficult to move. I could not speak. As the energy subsided I opened my eyes and gazed at the stained glass window above us. 

Within a matter of moments, the individual glass colors separated from the surface of the window. I watched as they stretched and wobbled, as a wave-like ripple went through them and I knew I was seeing into another dimension of reality. I don't partake in recreational drugs and avoid prescriptions at all costs, so I can only image that this is what a beautiful trip would feel like. 

My body hummed, each cell alive and lit up with the transference of Source Energy. Abdy came over a total of three times before our sessions end. From start to finish, I believe it was over an hour and a half if I remember correctly, we then had  a Q&A before leaving for the night.

It was a beautiful experience that lacks a name. Abdy says, "There is no name for what you recieve." He offers an, "ancient and undescribabel gift which allows people to attune to the vibration they need to receive for themselves." Abdy will be returning to Berkeley in two days and I am blessed to be seeing him again before we move back to Texas.

 Who Is Abdy

Abdy was born on March 9th, 1964 to the Electriciteh family. 

At an early age he realized that his realm of reality was beyond what he could share with others. As a child, his awareness of extraordinary abilities, such as putting light and sparkles on people, could only be rationalized as a dream. When, thirty years later, he realized those sparkles were being received by the people, healing them physically, emotionally and spiritually, he gave up his adapted reality to his child-hood reality. In 2002 he began working around the world anchoring light and spreading his wisdom.

Abdy works with an ancient energy which dissipates our inabilities to relate to our self, higher self and the universe. 

His work is to bring about and support the transformation of humanity and the Earth to a higher consciousness. This is carried out by raising the vibration of people and places. He channels an energy that allows an individual to connect to their own divinity. 

He believes the truth cannot be learned and can only be connected to, from within. Even though most of his work is energy-based, he guides people to realize their gift and their wisdom.

Through Abdy's presence, some people have become healers, spiritual teachers, life coaches and many free from physical and emotional illnesses, but many more have been gifted to see the beauty of life and its participants.

Abdy’s gift is to radiate timeless, spaceless connection to the Source. The universe’s gift to Abdy is for him to live life knowingly connected.

"It is time that everybody realizes who they really are, and pass through their bubble of physical and mental limitations. One can be ready now, another can be ready later. Nobody will miss it. That is the reason you have arrived at this page." - Abdy Electriciteh


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