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3-day Class

This past weekend, I took a 3-day Tools & Techniques class for Intermediate learning for an Energy Healer. It was amazing! It was Healing, Informative, Validating, and I learned a couple of "tools" for my handbag. Not to mention, I met some wonderful new friends and connected with some other friends. I have given and received sessions in the past. This was a very Healing and Intense session. I believe it would have taken multiple treatments to reach the level I reached in the healing process, had it been under normal situations. However, at the end of  a 3 day intensive, and with a group of a dozen plus healers, the energy seemed to be just right to foster the healing. Additionally, I was simultaneously working on myself, and understanding what was going on from both a healer and a client has its benefits.

I had thought about posting my journal entry, and then opted not to. Let's just leave it at the above and know that it was very healing. Hope you have a great nigh…