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Color is Life! My Experience with Rainbow OPTX Chromotherapy Glasses

‘Wow!” is all I can say after putting on a pair of Rainbow OPTX Orange Wayfarerglasses. I look at our son and thank him for choosing the color. Orange would not have been my first pick and boy am I surprised at the transformation taking place. As I view everything washed in an orange glow, I am immediately brought back to my childhood. He stands next to me wearing a pair of Blue Aviators as I am transported back to a time where happiness and magic abound. There is a shift in my being and I welcome the experience.

Color is Life
Nasa scientists show how light wave particles vibrating at varying frequencies creates different colors. Chromotherapy is the practice of using the color wavelengths for healing and goes back to ancient times. Color healing can be found with roots in Egypt, China, Greece and India. It has also played an important part in my life. As a sensitive, when I tune into color, sound or energy I am immediately connected in. And since a young child, I have been blessed with…