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Salmonella, Family Trip & New Lovely Crystals

If you'd rather skip right to the Crystals, Scroll on down my friend. No need to read my other dealings if you'd rather not. ;)

Wow, so I found out today that I had Salmonella poisoning 2 weeks ago during the time I called on Beings of the Highest Love & Light, including Angels, Guides, Jesus & Lugh.... I defiantly felt terrible and was asking for blessings from many. Well, now I at least know it was truly as bad as it felt, lol. I'd gone to a few restaurants the days prior, so I can't even state where I think I may have picked it up. Thank goodness the rest of  the family didn't get it.

So, I took to a slow recovery and think I lost a few pounds due to 4 days with minimal foods and plentiful fluids. I finally went to the Doctor on a Friday when it had just been going on for way to long. That next day I took a very interesting trip to visit family as our kids and I flew up north to the Wisconsin Dells.

I found a mining company up at the Dells that has 2 cry…

Lugh. Also known as Lug, Lugus, Lleu... a Youthful Celtic Sun God

I was happy to receive my copy of Doreen Virtue's Archangels & Ascended Masters in the mail yesterday.
It came at a great time too. I was not feeling well at all yesterday. Pounding headache, Sore muscles, Chills, Cramps, Nausea... pretty much everything. It was horrible. I was saying lots of prayers and doing a little Reiki on myself, but since I truly had no energy, it was hard to hold the intention.

I just opened the book up and the page I turned to was about Lugh. Quickly scanning the pages, I thought "why not?". It was meant to be. I'd never heard of him before, let alone asked for the help of any being besides Jesus, God & Angels... I guess though I do call on the broad term "Ascended Masters". But this was my first time calling on an Ascended Master that I wasn't familiar with, especially him.

In her book, Doreen describes one of his specialties as Healing from painful situations and Alchemy. It's said he makes a potion designed just f…