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Becoming a Forsyth Crystal Light Bed© Practitioner and Angelic Support

In the next 2 days, I'll be training with Russell to be a Forsyth Crystal Light Bed© Practitioner and with his assistance, welcome my own Forsyth Crystal Light Bed into my healing space. I have felt many emotions and energy around me as I step forward into this next chapter in my journey. I feel the support very intensely from spirit and I am so blessed.  

My ego is a little bit unsure, as it tries to linearlize these spiritual emotional / energetic messages. I can feel it's slight uncertainty, saying to my spirit "what is this next experience you have prepared for us" lol. I'm so thankful to my Angels and Healing Team of Light Beings for all of their assistance and support. 
To step into this role is to continue in the expansion of my consciousness and role as a healer. During the class, Russell will be addressing the following roles that are vital to the services. Taken from his site :  
Crystal Energy/ Crystal Light Table Practitio…