Happy New Year & 2019 Announcements! - January 2019 Newsletter

Happy New Year! 
I hope you had a beautiful holiday season. Ours started off with a bang as we went to New York City to support our son and his high school band. They performed in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade on one of the coldest days on record. With tempetures in the teens, my husband and I braved the cold at 5 am to get a good seat. Despite the parade-day weather, we had such a great time and can't wait to go back. Only a couple weeks later, Nicole and I hosted a much welcomed retreat here in Ft. Worth. Following the weeks of excitement and holiday gatherings, I was very happy to stay home in Ft. Worth for Christmas. Our daughter, came home from the university and we we spent the break with both kids. It was a much needed down time and I've found that I'm now rejuvenated and ready for the new year!
Expansion in Services 2018 was an instrumental year in many areas including growing @Raise.The.Vibe.Tribe to over 200k subscribers. It's been a labor of love an…

Living in Multiple Realities & Light Workers on Earth - Channeled Message From The Council of Light -

Living in Multiple Realities & Light Workers on Earth  - Channeled Message From The Council of Light -
You can follow along with the closed captioning in the video
Highlighted Messages 
“We are tuning in. We are connecting. We are observing and we are very happy. And we are also very troubled in some ways, shall we say. Because we see the duality. We see the splitting and pulling apart of the realities here upon the physical vessel.

There are some of you who are experiencing The Dark Night of the Soul, shall we say. There are some of you who are ripping and tearing in your core. And by this we mean you are stretching and you are expanding, and you are being pulled in all directions; many of which are very, very uncomfortable for you. You see, because this experience is not one that is linear. No, no indeed. This is one experience that is quantum. This experience presses forward through time and space. This experience stretches through multiple dimensions a…

Energy Shifts in the New Year, Immigration & Reaching the 5th Dimension - Channeled Message - The Council of Light - December 2018

I haven't been on this blog for a long time, but I've been really active on Instagram at @Raise.The.Vibe.Tribe & @AmySikarskie and shared many videos this past year. Including sharing with the public my experiences as I began vocal channeling. In 2018, my friend Nicole and I started an online school and taught our first course together, Learn to Channel. This course was offered twice in 2018 and will be offered again in March of 2019. For more information visit Spirit School

I've been channeling my guides and The Council of Light vocally this year and have transcribed many of their messages. YouTube has a cap on the length of the description, so I've decided to share the transcriptions here on this blog. Here's the latest video from the council. Underneath is the transcription. If you'd like, you can read along as they speak through my voice.

Many blessings in 2019, Love, Amy & The Council

Energy Shifts in the New Year, Immigration &a…

Activating the Starseed on Amazon and Kindle

Just in time for Christmas, Activating the Starseed is now available through Amazon and on Kindle. 
Activating the Starseed is the second book in the Star-Seeded Ascensions series. 

"Activating The Starseed goes straight to the heart of enlightenment. I found that it offered practical steps toward raising one's frequency and understanding our energetic bodies, along with a nearly palpable energy that worked on other levels as I read the book. This book is a refreshing yet profound reminder that we are not alone, that we are here during this time frame for a reason, and that our light is spreading and taking root. I feel that this book will serve as a priceless tool toward the awakening, activation, and ascension of all who are led to it!" -Lindsay Golden Johnson, USA Instagram's @peace_love_light

Activating the Starseed, brings the reader up close and personal with the ascension process. In her book, Amy shares her awakening and ascension experiences as star councils an…