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Star-Seeded Ascensions - Messages from The Councils

It's here!  Star-Seeded Ascensions - Messages from The Councils is now available in print. I know so many of you have been patiently waiting since we announce a year ago that we were writing this book. It's available now, wahoo!!! ✨It feels great to hold this in our hands. I love a good printed book, but if you just can't wait for shipping, you can download your ebook now @ 

 ✨Two Star-Seeded friends open themselves up to a higher power in a search for guidance. Each return to their higher self through hypnosis, and make connections with their Star Councils where they receive information for Starseeds, Lightworkers, and Energy Healers.  Journey with the authors as they travel in their light bodies through time and space to recall soul memories. Boarding their ships, they take on their spirit names, meet with their council of guides, and receive guidance and information. Discover The Councils’ descriptions of a ✨Starseed✨ and the processes involv…

My 2nd Experience with Abdy Electriciteh

Yesterday I had my second experience with Abdy. In the video below I explain MY experience, as all experiences are different. There is no name for the energy or what he does, other than it has been described as a transmission of Source Energy. So what is a session with Abdy like and what can you expect? I'll do my best to explain:

To see my prior post on Abdy, click here.

Float- My first experience in a Sensory Deprivation Chamber

I was introduced to the sensory deprivation chamber by my friend Marlo over at Light Star Dimensions and thought it sounded really intriguing. I was very interested in how it might assist with reaching the altered states of consciousness. In researching, I found there were three places about an hours drive from our home in northern California, so I made an appointment and took a little trip down to Oakland for my first experience. I made the appointment at The Float Center and was really impressed with their staff, facility and floating chambers. So how did it go? What was my experience? To find out more, you can watch my video below.

Star-Seeded Ascensions Book, Blog, and Site

I'm happy to announce the launch of the Star-Seeded Ascensions series. Our first book, Messages from The Councils is available now! It can be read in soft cover or eBook format.

We also have our new website and blog up. If you feel called to learn more about Starseeds and why we are on Earth at this time, head on over.

First Meeting with Abdy Electriciteh

A few weeks ago I drove to Berkeley with our daughter to meet Abdy Electriciteh for the first time. I was introduced to his work through Valeria Tignini and was intrigued. Who was this man, and more importantly what would it be like to meet him? Prior to our experience, I viewed videos of both Valeria and Abdy's group gatherings so I had an idea of what to what may occur. I was open and neutral in my expectations as I did not want to put any demands on my personal experience. Our daughter knew very little of what would transpire yet remained open to the moment.

When we arrived the room was already filling with others who, like us, had come to receive a transmission of Source Energy. We found a space near the front end and laid out our yoga mats and blankets. It wasn't long before Abdy was introduced and a beautiful woman began playing relaxing flute music.

I was a little hesitant and weary of receiving energy while in such a large
group but decided to relax and let whatever need…

Catching Up

So much has happened since I first started this blog and I am happy to have found a moment to return to it. It looks like my last post was a year and a half ago as I announced my certification with the Forsyth Crystal Light Table. Well, let me just say that an expansion absolutely occurred in the time since I last posted. After completion of the FCLB certification, I found myself facilitating many beautiful, deep and insightful, healing sessions. My awareness and abilities to tune into energies increased and the style of sessions expanded to include assessments / mini readings.

Last spring of 2014 I facilitated a past life regression for my dear friend Connie. It was a life changing session for the both of us as our Spiritual - Star Councils came through. This session was the first of four. We regressed each other two times each and have just completed our first book. Star-Seeded Ascensions  -  Messages from The Councils was released last week in print and eBook.

It was a labor of lov…