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Doreen's Articles and insight on Ten Lessons I Learned From the Angels

Oh wow, I'm so energized by the knowledge of Doreen's new "free" articles. I knew it was a great idea to add her to my Facebook. I just started reading her article Ten Lessons I Learned From the Angels. Already I'm blown away.
I love lesson #1, As I have recently put this into practice myself and feel more whole and connected to ME than I have in a very long time.

1. Live in integrity.
The angels said toDoreene, "Spend your time doing activities that match your highest intentions. Let go of things that your intuition prompts you to surrender. Those things may then either become healed so that you enjoy them, or else the activity will easily drop away."

4. Purify your diet.
"All food has vibration, and you want to vibrate as high and fine as you feel attuned to. Eat a diet of fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, and whole grains, which have the highest vibrational frequencies. Avoid meats, …

The Path of a Light Worker ... Letting My Light Shine!

Two months ago today, we packed up our home in Alabama and moved here to Texas. With the change in location, brought a change in perception, energy, intention and attitude. Our 18 months spent in Alabama provided significant learning experiences for our family. All of which, I'm sure, happened to prepare us for our next chapter in life.

I've grown a lot since my initiation into Reiki in 2001. Moved a few times, including living in 4 homes in the past 2 years. Played the part as a stay home mom to two, enrolled in college, earned my LPN and worked in the nursing field. However, with this move to San Antonio, I know it's time to further develop my gifts as an Energy Healer / Light Worker / Reiki Master ... lol, and a few other modalities I'll be training in here.

I recently was told that those of us who are drawn to this work, most often have had a challenging history - a rocky road. And so, while I will not get into the past events that have shaped who I am, I will just…