Color is Life! My Experience with Rainbow OPTX Chromotherapy Glasses

‘Wow!” is all I can say after putting on a pair of Rainbow OPTX Orange Wayfarer glasses. I look at our son and thank him for choosing the color. Orange would not have been my first pick and boy am I surprised at the transformation taking place. As I view everything washed in an orange glow, I am immediately brought back to my childhood. He stands next to me wearing a pair of Blue Aviators as I am transported back to a time where happiness and magic abound. There is a shift in my being and I welcome the experience. 

Color is Life
Nasa scientists show how light wave particles vibrating at varying frequencies creates different colors. Chromotherapy is the practice of using the color wavelengths for healing and goes back to ancient times. Color healing can be found with roots in Egypt, China, Greece and India. It has also played an important part in my life. As a sensitive, when I tune into color, sound or energy I am immediately connected in. And since a young child, I have been blessed with an amazing connection with color. It is as if I intrinsically knew that color provided healing, happiness, or some kind of elation, that at the time, I had no words for.

Color was my best friend growing up. I was blessed and gifted with so many interactions with high-vibe influences all of which incorporated color; Lisa Frank, Rainbow Brite, Care Bears, and My Little Pony. I remember reading so many colorful books and watching movies that promoted caring, compassion, happiness, and gratitude. Many promoted love, strength, light overcoming evil and darkness, and a connection with a cosmic power. Take for example Rainbow Brite and She-Ra’s connections with the cosmos or the Twinks and Care Bears who were positive influences living in the sky/heavens.

Having had two grandparents, an aunt, and cousins who are blind, I am truly grateful every day for, not only my gift of sight, but of being able to physically see the color spectrums. As a clairvoyant and intuitive, I have grown in my ability with these gifts to see visions and color with my mind’s eye. The science of color crosses over into spirituality. Color brings together both worlds as we contemplate their healing properties and the effects they have, not only on our mental and emotional aspects but also on our physical being. As humans and souls, we are holistic in nature with all aspects blending, merging, supporting and creating our vision and understanding of what truth in our life is; the fruition of our intentions and the manifestation of our dreams, goals, hopes and wishes.

Chromotherapy is a healing modality that utilizes color frequencies and the spectrums of these lightwaves for healing. Color therapy goes back in history to color bathing where the sun would shine in through stained glass windows to wash over and through the human energy field and the physical bodies of the bathers. Science and the medical community speak of the benefits of color and the individual colors ability to elicit specific responses in moods and mental levels of alertness. The light frequencies that produce the seven colors of the rainbow correspond to the seven main chakras of the human energy body.

Over the years, my connection with color has fluctuated only to be revitalized while studying chromotherapy with the IEL Institute during my Forsyth Crystal Light Table Practitioner (FCLT) certification. As a part of the FCLT experience, clients are bathed in a rainbow of color and sound as a part of their multidimensional healing. Color bathing is extremely beneficial in healing and balancing the energetic light body. Colors of the rainbow balance and support the chakras and assists with cleansing the aura. 

 Few are aware of the energetic role the vibratory frequencies of color play and may be more familiar with the mental shifts that occur from interacting with color. The act of wearing Rainbow OPTX glasses can immediately alter ones’ mood and provide an uplifting experience. I originally ordered three colors. Orange, magenta, and blue. Switching in between them left me mesmerized and longing for an experience with every color of the rainbow. Luckily, Rainbow OPTX glasses offer a wide range of colors and styles to choose from.
You can find their complete selection at

I'm enjoying these three colors, and plan on acquiring additional styles and colors in the future. Each package comes with a beautiful affirmation card, an info sheet for each of the colors, and a soft microfiber pouch to store them in. I hope you have enjoyed hearing about my experience with Rainbow OPTX. You can check out all of their options at Rainbow OPTX. 
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