Activating the Starseed on Amazon and Kindle

Just in time for Christmas, Activating the Starseed is now available through Amazon and on Kindle. 
Activating the Starseed is the second book in the Star-Seeded Ascensions series. 

"Activating The Starseed goes straight to the heart of enlightenment. I found that it offered practical steps toward raising one's frequency and understanding our energetic bodies, along with a nearly palpable energy that worked on other levels as I read the book. This book is a refreshing yet profound reminder that we are not alone, that we are here during this time frame for a reason, and that our light is spreading and taking root. I feel that this book will serve as a priceless tool toward the awakening, activation, and ascension of all who are led to it!" -Lindsay Golden Johnson, USA Instagram's @peace_love_light 

Activating the Starseed, brings the reader up close and personal with the ascension process. In her book, Amy shares her awakening and ascension experiences as star councils and the archangel realm share pertinent information regarding Earth's ascension with the reader. This invaluable text supports Lightworkers and Starseeds in their path of remembrance and the activation of their star-seed. 

Copies are available now at  or at . It's also available on Kindle and free on kindle for Amazon prime's Kindle Unlimited subscribers. 

New to the Starseeded Ascensions series? No problem, jump right in with Activating the Starseed or begin with our first book Messages from The Councils available in print or ebook.

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A big thank you to Karina at for her design and creation of the cover. She's been amazing to work with and took the time to read the book prior to the cover design, this truly capturing its essence. A special thanks to Anna for the collaboration of her gorgeous sacred geometry.

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