Energy Shifts in the New Year, Immigration & Reaching the 5th Dimension - Channeled Message - The Council of Light - December 2018

I haven't been on this blog for a long time, but I've been really active on Instagram at @Raise.The.Vibe.Tribe & @AmySikarskie and shared many videos this past year. Including sharing with the public my experiences as I began vocal channeling. In 2018, my friend Nicole and I started an online school and taught our first course together, Learn to Channel. This course was offered twice in 2018 and will be offered again in March of 2019. For more information visit Spirit School

I've been channeling my guides and The Council of Light vocally this year and have transcribed many of their messages. YouTube has a cap on the length of the description, so I've decided to share the transcriptions here on this blog. Here's the latest video from the council. Underneath is the transcription. If you'd like, you can read along as they speak through my voice.

Many blessings in 2019, Love, Amy & The Council

Energy Shifts in the New Year, Immigration & Reaching the 5th Dimension 12/26/2018
1:40 - 4:55 Council of Light Introduction
The Council of Light

“Ah yes we are here. Hello and greetings, dear ones. You see this is a very enjoyable experience for us to be here. And ’tis raining outside you see, lots of lightning and thunder throughout the evening and it took a moment in time to get here shall we say, because the channel was busy thus with her children we are calling them; these would be her little pets, her dogs, and keeping a watchful eye upon her cats as well; as they are afraid of the storms and we are setting up everything because she is trying out this new backdrop and is very excited to bring some clever fun to the situation. Some levity to the situation. We shall say to the messages because it is a very enjoyable experience for her to communicate with us, to see inter-dimensional realities, to experience the truth and the wholeness of the message through all her visceral capabilities; through her vision and the clair-cognizant frequencies which we are embarking upon and sharing with her. 

She would like to share that experience in some manner. In some way with you if it is possible and if she could figure out this fun and frilly background we are calling it. Because you see to us it is very amusing and to her it is very fun as well. Indeed it shall be quite the experience to see how it turns out. And we do hope that you enjoy. 

So here we are today in your moment in time and we are here with the channel. Yes we are. We are here with the channel. We are here in this moment coming through many dimensions, parallel realities pressing forward upon your inter-dimensional frequencies. Pressing forward. Landing here on the Earth plane. Landing here, on the shores of Gaia. Yes, we are here dear ones and there are many of us. There's a broad collection of whom we call the channel of light. And you see, there are many within this channel of light; this frequency of light coded frequencies here. There are many that are--- we have her gatekeeper and her Gatekeepers there are multiple Gatekeepers. We are telling her. This is new information for her you see. Yes indeed. Yes, there are Gatekeepers. And also we have her Council of 13 and the Council of Light is here with us today, in this moment in time -which we are are doing an inside joke, shall you say, with the channel. Because it is past midnight in her present reality. So indeed, it is the morning and we are calling it a day. So wherever and whenever you shall tune in, we greet you and give thanks. 

4:56 - 12:21 The Shifts on Earth/Dark Night of the Soul
So here we are without many questionings at the moment from the channel. We shall come through with some messages and some information for you dear ones. We bring from the Stars messages of hope. We bring from the Stars messages of faith. We bring from the Stars messages of joy and elation dear ones. And you see you are on a trajectory. You are on a change -a precipice for change. Here we are and we gather in our reality. In the current frequencies around the earth band; the frequency bands. We reside in additional frequencies around your reality dear ones. And yes we are here. 

We are tuning in. We are connecting. We are observing and we are very happy. And we are also very troubled in some ways, shall we say. Because we see the duality. We see the splitting and pulling apart of the realities here upon the physical vessel. There are some of you who are experiencing The Dark Night of the Soul, shall we say. There are some of you who are ripping and tearing in your core. And by this we mean you are stretching and you are expanding, and you are being pulled in all directions; many of which are very, very uncomfortable for you. You see, because this experience is not one that is linear. No, no indeed. This is one experience that is quantum. This experience presses forward through time and space. This experience stretches through multiple dimensions and parallel realities, dear ones. As you are acquainted with and gathering your own frequency and understanding who you are at the core of your nature. Yes, sweet ones; understanding truly who you are. As you do this, you are observing, and you are collecting, and you are pulling into your physical vessel, all of who you are. 
(These are) your frequencies through the multiple expressions. You may call them realities, you may call them timelines, you may call them incarnations into parallel, past and future lives if you will. 

Because you see, you are transitioning here into the 5th dimension yes you are. The 5th dimensional frequencies are ones that are, we shall say, may be a bit elusive, yes indeed. It may feel it is like you are floating there in the quantum field; like you are floating sweet ones. And while you are here you are having an experience. You are experiencing a new reality for your cognitive senses. Yes indeed, and you are observing and you are keenly and astutely understanding that there is more than this present reality.  As you touch your flesh, and as you move your body and hear the vocalizations from The vessel, you are understanding there is more than what is here in this Matrix- in this reality; here in the physical vessel upon the Earth plane. It’s very important. Yes indeed, it is one to be revered. You see, it is one to be acquainted with. It is one to love and it is one that is Holy. It is one that was created from that Divine vibration on high, the divine vibration with which you are apart of dear ones. So we are not expensing, we are not discarding, we are not -how shall we say… we are not releasing the importance of this reality. We are embarking upon the connection with the inter-dimensional frequencies of the 5th dimension, bringing all aspects of your true self along with you.

And while you may say, “Well, Metatron, there are some here who will identify only their truth and reality with their soul frequency. And we say sweet ones do you not understand? Do you not recall all aspects of your incarnations, all aspects of your present being, all aspects of past future parallel realities, are a part of your truth. They are a part of you dear one. They are a part of your soul vibration. They are a part of your soul frequency and memories you see. So every experience you experience in the physical body creates a vibrational pattern. It creates an imprint if you will upon your soul, upon your spirit, upon your inter-dimensional codings so you see. And this is why when you pop through time and space and you have a tragedy, and you have an ailment and you have a trauma from another inter-dimensional reality or experience. Especially and particularly if you were on the earth plane in a physical body on the earth frequencies, that you can bring through with you these ailments you see. These Phantom pains, these chronic conditions these.. how shall we say, we are searching for the word one moment please…. You see the channel is connecting with.. and she has already popped forward in our conversatio while here we are searching for the word. So one moment please - ‘phobias’..there we are. Fears & phobias. 

So there are many fears and phobias that were brought forward or some may say back, but we shall say brought forward to this expression in time from other inter-dimensional realities and frequencies. And we say, if you are struggling with such experiences, if you are trying to understand the truth of why you are here and how to ascend to the next level, sweet one; dear one, we are saying, “we are only a phone call away,” shall we say. We are very near and dear. Especially to the hearts connection. So reach within your heart and expand that vibrational currency of love and there you shall find us. Not only the Council of Light, but Archangel Metatron, Ariel, Raphael, Gabriel, and Sandalphon. We are all here, Archangels, and there are the Archangel frequencies incarnate you see. And we are here around you with you because truly beloved, you are one with all creation at your core and as are we. We are here to support to lead and guide you, you see and your guides in spirit, Your higher selves if you will, and we say your infinite being. But some will observe the term “higher self,” “higher spirit,” dear one and your soul family on the other side of this reality, you see, are with you preparing and planning and observing and assisting you. And orchestrating all moves and all aspects of the next phase. And here we go. We are stepping into a new dimensional frequency you see how shall we say?.. For many it will feel like a quarter step up into the 5th. We are in the fourth currently. But you see we are flowing; ebbing and flowing to and fro. And there are many that are feeling like they are being torn, pulled, pushed, or dragged, you see. Because their soul’s vibration; their soul’s desire, is to ascend and move forward. 

12:20 - 19:24 Amy’s Experiences/ Why 2018 Caused some Turmoil for some
While the physical vessel may not fully understand and acquired the frequency, the wake-up call. And for those, it has been a very challenging 2018 you see. But for those who had received the call and awoken prior to 2018, it was a beautiful expression at its core. Many creations were observed from our stations in the skies and from the reality and experience of those here in the physical vessel. 

We share with you and we take for example, the experiences of our partner here, the channel. You see, she, like many, had her grand awakening, shall we call it in, around 2011 - 2012 - 2013. And this is when… expanding into 2014 and 15, her clairgifts were stirred within her, and strengthened and received and called forth. So here we were in 2018 with her having an understanding and working with others, assisting them in their guidance, their inner knowing and messages from their council and guides, you see. So for her, it was a very enjoyable experience because there were many opportunities that came her way and these were ones that were not cognitively desired or even dreamt of or required or observed from the physical vessel, you see, from the cognitive mind. But these were expressions and experiences that her higher Soul and her guides in spirit did lay out for her. And we did this you see for many reasons. One; to give thanks and gratitude for her encouraging expression in stepping forward and letting us come through, you see, because in this way, in this design, we have been coming forward for under one year, you see, in your human time. 

And it was an experience for her to step beyond her physical capacities. It was an experience for her to push the boundaries and limits of her cognitive -we say disabilities or abilities, however you perceive them. Yes indeed, her frequencies of lack and there were some frequencies and tiny of hesitation and fear you see. 

We wanted to share with her the love that we have. We wanted to share with her the reality. What it is like to expand and explore all aspects of creation, you see. And so she did take many trips this year; many physically then the most anticipated trips were taken this year, how shall we say? We are getting the words flip-flopped. One moment please. …This year, you see, was one in which she took the most trips. (More) than any other years in the past. She took many domestic and international journeyings, you see. And we are going to continue those with her in the years to come. We are doing this to help her understand humanity a bit more, and you see she does enjoy the process. She has a love for humanity. If she did not, she would not be here, you see, putting herself forward; putting her life here, in the front and center, you see; expressing her physical appearance, stating her name for you, and all of the these…  But we have a unique partnership with her and part of our plannings and undoings, if you will, (we are saying that in a joyful way. Maybe our wording may sound a bit off for some of you but that is how it is with us. You see, you will learn to understand.) 

So we are expressing here that her journey through 2018 was very very enjoyable. And she did expand through challenges through trust. Through pressing herself forward and following the inner guidance and call from the stars, and she felt this call in her throat and in her heart. She understood this call in her gut and she created a cognitive awareness and understanding around this call and all aspects of it in her brain, in her mind, in her physical capacities of the cognitive abilities, you see. So it was a very enjoyable and expansive 2018 for her. But there are some who are not there yet and we understand dear ones. You are on your way. We are sharing with you the experience so that you can understand that your reality may switch dear ones. It may expand it may enlightened may ascend to the next possibilities and we say dream big dear ones. DREAM BIG. Create that desire within your heart. Understand and actively pursue that vision and clarity. As you meditate and go into your trance channeling, and your hypnotic states and your energy therapies; dropping into the Theta and then a little bit deeper, we shall say. 

You have the unique ability to step into the quantum realm and create for yourself that which would be enjoyable, and that which would be expansive for your desires. You create your realities you see. This experience here on the Earth plane is an inter-dimensional, parallel reality to many others. Those of you who vibrate and come together are expanding and journeying together in a new wave of consciousness. You are here in a band of light; a frequency of light, a trajectory pressing forward at the speed of light, shall we say. We do not mean this technically but metaphorically. Pressing forward dear ones on your timelines. And all who are here are united and connected and we greet you. Very much indeed, and we are still greeting your guides and team in Spirit because you see, we are all connected; Not only in the physical vessels you are, but also in the ethers, and in the skies. 

Your team in Spirit and we are aware and keenly observing not only you and your path but each other. We are here as a support system.

19:25 - 25:22 2019 Shifts & Upcoming Changes

So we are saying to all involved that the next year 2019 will be a very enlightening year indeed. There will be some shifts in your monetary systems and your currencies. And there will be some shifts in your government agencies, and some shifts in the ways in which things are done. And there may be some upheaval during the process. But you see nothing good comes without a little bit of a messy upheaval and a little bit of a crumbling away of the old so that the new may birth through, you see. And we are showing the channel a vision of the earth crumbling like.. a how shall? .. We say a vision for you may be an earthquake, you see. And how the plates, the tectonic plates move and shift. And we are showing her that there was cement; there was asphalt that moved and broke and shifted apart. And this asphalt was like your government and it was like your currency, and it was like business practices. It expands through all realities. How shall we say? It expands through all agencies. It expands through all of the economic system you see. All aspects of it… and it is very firm and heavy, and solid, and very boring. The same old, same old. 

And we are bringing new light to this situation. And we are saying it is not our doing that is bringing the light. No, not indeed. It is the doing of the all. All are ready and all are creating to create ripples in your reality and in the parallel realities around you dear ones. So, this asphalt is breaking and moving and crumbling and as it does there is new life birthing from it. New seedlings sprouting. Flowers blooming from it. There is creation you see. And you will be creating and seeding the soil here you will be clearing away the rubble and the rubbish ha yes indeed. For the next, shall we say, 5 years till 2024. But you will see great progress and it is  a very enjoyable experience and we are bringing hope. We are bringing joy. We are allowing the vibration of Oneness to come into your reality, you see. 

So you will all be uniting indeed. And you will find that things will upheave and then relax and it will be a journey and a process. But when you see how much is accomplished in such a short period of time, sweet one, you will rejoice. Indeed, you will rejoice. And when you retire from your physical boundaries here and your physical capacity in the body, when you are retire and you join with your soul frequency in its full glory, and your team in spirit on the other side of this reality, sweet one, there will be a party like no other you see. We are very, very proud of you! We are very, very excited and enlightened. And we say this to bring light coming to the surface. Light brightening our field; bringing light and love in our heart, and expansion for the privilege and honor it has been to work with you in this experience and expression in time. And the privilege and the honor, and the pride that we have, in a very loving way, for your accomplishments. And we give gratitude and thanks. And we do say thank you in advance because you are here and you are completing it. Yes, you are. 

If you are tuning in now you are a piece to this puzzle you are a part of the whole that was here as… claim it, term it, name it whatever you shall: Light-worker, Warrior of Light, Earth Angel, Archangel Incarnate, Star Seeded Beings whomever, however, you wish to understand your qualities, characteristics, vibrations and aspects at a soul level, you see.  

We are all coming together through very many inter-dimensional realities, realms, frequencies, and past and present expressions. So it is like a party that has ever been seen before, you see, when the task has been completed and we are seeing a great shift within the next 150 earth years you see. But you may say, “Oh Metatron, Archangel Metatron, really now? Really, must it take so long? And we say you will understand that this is quite a feat. It is an expedited process and 150 earth years is a very minimal time. Indeed you will be able to enjoy much of the shifting here in your physical bodies. Many of you, many of you will choose to leave and depart the physical bodies and experience the joyfulness from your stations in the skies. Yes you will, and many of you will enjoy the process of reincarnating back in and understanding the end; the tell end, of the 150 years you see. 

25:23 - 26:53 Corruption & Pushing through to the Light
So, does this mean that we must wait 150 years for happiness, joy, and peace? We say, no. For you are embarking upon it now. You are reaching forward. You are creeping forward. You are making great expansions and strides in the quality and the frequency here on the Earth plane. And many of you will say, “but you see all of the government agencies, and all of the news, and all the corruption, and the religion, and this, and that, coming to the surface… It is so heavy, and oppressing, and saddening, and disheartening.” 

And we say, it is true and we agree. We also say there is another side to this expression and experience. One in which the darkness is being sought out, brought up, fought, and brought to light, if you might. And we are saying that this is just and true, that this be resolved. Wiped clean. Transmuted and cleared from the human consciousness as you step forward into the 5th reality; the 5th dimensional frequency. Because you see it is maybe an understanding, war memory… but the vibrational currencies of fear, lack, judgment, hate, abuse, and such crimes you see, will not be able to be pulled forward into the 5th dimension. So they are being expressed from humanity now; released through the surface. 

26:54 -32:45 Immigration & Border Issues/ Council Departs
And we say, “Understand what is occurring, sweet one, but do not get looped upon it. Do not get caught in the cycle, where you are only fixated upon that which is challenging, you see, that which is heavy, you see. And we are showing the channel the challenging experience that is occurring at the borders of the United States of the America’s. With the gates, with the walls, that are being constructed for obstruction. And we say that the heart and mind of mankind can find a resolution for all parties. That there can be a compromise. There will be there will have to be a compromise for the sake of humanity. And we are saying in sharing with you, that what is occurring currently is part of the process and that just as we expressed aspects of the human consciousness, aspects of humanity. must be brought to the surface for awareness, for discussion, for action, and this is something that will be pressed forward with and in due time resolved, sweet ones. Because, you see there will be a coming together, an intermingling and merging of the minds and the hearts of the leaders and of society. 
And this can be done in a loving way, in a joyful way. One in which honors those soul who are in this plight. And we say, we give much gratitude and much thanks to them because they signed up for a mission like no other. They have signed up for a mission like no other. They have put their lives on the lines. They have journeyed through foreign countries to bring to light the understanding of humanity. To open the heart and activate the call for the Light-workers. You see sweet ones, this has invaded your frequencies your airways at such an alarming rate with much emotion, on all sides, from all parties. 

Never has there been a time where such an occurrence has merged with the energy on the earth to create a shift. And we give much gratitude for all parties on all sides, because they are bringing awareness to it, and a conversation. And while there may be some who are very adamant and angry, there are others who are opening their hearts and understanding at their very core nature, that a resolution must be received. And we say it will be. We say it shall be.
Your systems and your government agencies, your president of the United States of America, will be understanding this, you see, because he is playing a roll up unto this point, and will continue of course to play a role. 

But the hearts and the minds of the children of man will be forever transformed. And there will be new understandings around immigration that will benefit all parties and aspects of creation dear ones. And it may take a little bit of pushing through, but we shall say that within 7 years time there will be much understanding around this. And it is our hope and desire that on the current trajectory, that there will be a resolution and a joyful experience and expansion.

And you may say, “Oh Council of Light! Oh, Archangel Metatron! Oh, Guides! Dear star family… Seven years?” And we are saying again, it is a blink of an eye from our perspective. Because you understand how greed oppression abuse and physical trauma have prevailed in your societies here on the Earth plane for millennium. And so you see we are inching forward and seven years time is a blink of an eye to us. And there will be much softening in the hearts of men. And we encourage you to hold the light sweet ones. We encourage you to send love. We encourage you to keep that resonant frequency; that heart and mind coherence where you are finding yourself in the fifth dimension of reality, understanding and observing that there are shifts upon the planes. That there are shifts in the hearts and desires of mankind and these shifts are anchored in the frequency of love. You are a part of the wholeness beautiful friends. You are a part of this love and divine. With gratitude and thanks. With grateful expressions from our hearts to yours, we bid you farewell until next time, asking that you do keep a thread, a golden thread of Hope alive, and love, trust, and understanding in yourself and those above. Until next time…

32:46 - 34:29 Amy Returns/ Conclusion
The Council of Light 12/26/2018 Channeled by Amy Sikarskie


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